Here's the short version :) This site contains pictures and videos of real housewives and girlfriends. Most of the action is filmed by their husbands and boyfriends. There are no professional models here and you won't see these videos anywhere else. Each girl participates in her site by answering her email, doing a diary, twitter, and some do weekly cam shows. There is no BS filler content that's been bought... it's ALL 100% REAL.

Long Version: Ok, so the short version above was straight to the point. Here's the scoop on how all this started.

In 1999 Jean (jeanswing) and I started our own website. We had been active swingers for a few years and thought doing a site might help us meet some of the hot ladies we were seeing on the net. We had no idea it was going to grow to the size it has. After doing our own site for a year or two, we were asked by

Wifebreeding Images

another couple (absolutekim) if we could help them build a site. We did, and included their site with ours so people could pay one price and get both sites.

Shortly after Kim, we met Ashley and Chad. We became great friends and had a lot of fun shooting pictures and video with them. I especially liked bending Ashley over and shooting my hot load of cum deep in her ass...

Around 2003 - 2004 we met a local girl named Holly and that's when we bought the name wifebreeders / wifebreeding. Holly was a true black cock slut. During our first meeting she told us about an experience where her husband met a black guy online (never in person) and setup and erotic encounter. Her husband tied her to the bed and blindfolded her at their house. He setup a video camera to record all the action then left. This black guy came into the house fucked Holly, dumped his seed in her, then before leaving he untied one hand so she could get loose, but she was not to remove the mask until after he left.... that was probably one of the most erotic (and reckless) things I had ever heard, but I loved it.

A couple years into Holly's site a domestic situation arouse with an ex-spouse and we were forced to remove her site. After some thought, we decided to redo wifebreeders to highlight some of the true black cock sluts in our network of sites. Each of the girls shown on here has her own site, we just highlight some of their best adventures. These girls are similar to Holly, they love fucking other men while their hubby films and they especially love it bareback. I guess just like anyone participating in dangerous sport, these girls like to fuck without condoms and risky behaviour "gets them off".


Mandy has a striking resemblence to Holly, blonde hair, petite frame, and an incredible need to fuck black cock bareback. Mandy had never been with a black man until we started her site. Once she got a taste of DFW Knights fat black cock, she was hooked. In one of the videos on her site, you can actually see where her pussy was tore from taking such a large dick in her small hole. She told me she couldn't walk right for a week AND she thought she may have got pregnant from it... false alarm fortunately.


DebrahAnn loves black cock and her husband loves to film. There are several scenes of her taking it up the ass, double penetration, and more.

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